TangeloHub Installation

Arbor Workflows uses Flow, developed by Kitware, as its main interface. Follow the Flow Vagrant install instructions with the Ansible arbor setting set to true (the default) to spin up your own instance.

Easy Mode App Installation

The easy mode applications must be added through an additional repository checkout and a few symbolic links. To set up these links, first enter your Vagrant VM with:

vagrant ssh

Once inside your virtual machine, checkout the ArborWebApps repository to the /vagrant directory, which will be exposed on your host machine.

cd /vagrant
git clone
cd app
ln -s ../ArborWebApps/phylogenetic-signal .
ln -s ../ArborWebApps/ancestral-state  .

Now you will also need to import the “Phylogenetic signal” and “Ancestral state” analyses from the public Arbor at by selecting the analysis and clicking Download, then uploading them on your instance with the Upload button.